Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment. Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.


Tablao flamenco in Duende


12.February, Duende, Amsterdam


Tablao evening with great artists in one of the most iconic flamenco bar in Amsterdam.

Sing: Yota Baron

Guitar: Yorgos Valiris

Dance: Dilek Arslaan, Gabriella Hazi



11. December 17.00, Podium Mozaiek, Amsterdam 


"Zambomba” is a musical percussion instrument in Latin America and Spain, that people use to accompany Christmas gatherings with family, friends, and neighbors. It also means actually “the Christmas fiesta” itself. In these fiestas, people sing the “villancicos” (viyancicos) , Christmas songs, mostly in choirs.
This is a flamenco fiesta, that Yota Baron Productions, organizes for the last 12 years, every Christmas, inviting local flamenco artists and guest artists from Spain, to contribute and support Christodoulio Orphanage in Athens Greece.
Miki María Vos
Romina Toroz
Dilek Arslan
Gabriela Házi
Elena la Grulla
Singing :
Erminia Fernandez Cordoba
Yota Baron
Tiri Tiri Flamenco Choir
Guitar :
Yorgos Valiris
Arturo Ramon
Vicente Jose Santiago
Anoush Saadat
Percussion : Juri Kuefner

Flamenco in de knop


16. December 20.30

Tablao evening in Eindhoven, Rozenknopje

Sing: Yota Baron

Guitar: Tijn van der Sanden

Percussion: Nacho Jauregui


9 October, 16.00

Theater Vrijburcht
Jan Olphert Vaillantlaan 143, 1086 XZ Amsterdam

In this performance, you enjoy 60 min of this passionate and joyful culture!

Dance: Gabriela Házi - Dilek Arslan

Singing: Yota Baron

Guitar: Yorgos Valliris

Doors Open at 15.30 pm, show starts at 16.00


Flamenco in de Knop

20 March, 19.00

De Rozenknop Eindhoven, Hoogstraat 59

From 19.30 it's time to dance with Encuentros and special guest artists! 


Erminia Fernández Cordoba - vocals

Tijn van der Sanden - guitar

Jessica Achten and Gabriella Házi - palmas and dance

Nacho Jauregic - percussion 


El Pub Flamenco

11 February, 19.45

Den Haag, De Nieuwe Regentes, Weimarstraat 63

On Friday 11 February there will be El Pub Flamenco in The Hague again!
The hall opens at 19:30 and the performance starts at 19:45. There are two sets of performances and this time in the Great Hall.

Gabriella Házi - dance
Erminia Fernández Córdoba - vocals
Yorgos Valiris - guitar


Gabriella Házi

+31 6 33 10 99 33



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