When I was 16, I woke up one morning with a burning feeling that I needed to dance. And I found flamenco. 

This is how I started to dance in Hungary. My journey brought me to Spain of course. I breathed in every rhythm, flavour, colours I just could. 

The journey went on, with a new destination: Italy. Beautiful people and lots of flamenco, I had the fantastic opportunity to dance in a Flamenco Dance Company.

What was next? Switzerland. It turned out this country is an amazing place with wonderful people and an enormous flamenco community. I had the honour to dance in DanzaEs company. During the same period I became a solo dancer, thanks to the brilliant Elena Vicini.

I am living now in the Netherlands, Eindhoven. The beautiful journey goes on, always with flamenco. I am giving classes and performing in the Netherlands and in Hungary.

I perform and teach traditional flamenco dance with live music, but I love to push the barriers further and investigate  the relation between other dances and flamenco dance. 

I have learned from great dancers, and I am grateful for many teachers such as, Manuel Betanzos, Elena Vicini, Irene Lozano, Maria Moreno, La Lupi, Irene Alvarez, Cristina Benitez, Caterina Lucia Costa, Carmen Meloni, Dario Carbonelli, Lara Ribicchini, Carmen Meloni, Naty Cabrera, Isabel Dominguez Amaya, Javier Latorre, Bajnay Bea, Irene La Sentio, Eduardo Guerrero, David Coria.


Gabriella Házi

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